Remodel Or Building A New House: Which Is Cheaper?

Remodel Or Building A New House: Which Is Cheaper?

Sometimes you may think about changing the look and feel of your old house. Hence, you may be a little confused about which one can suit you better home remodel or building a new house. While thinking about the look, you also need to think about the difference in expenses between these two types of home improvement procedures. So, you may wonder which you should choose between this two to give your house an attractive look without investing a lot of money.

The answer will definitely be home remodel. By choosing home remodeling, along with kitchen remodel in Las Vegas, you can easily give your house an awesome look within your budget. Thus, you should choose home remodel over building a new home if you do not want to waste a lot of your money. Now, let us discuss a few benefits of home remodeling and how it can increase the resale value of your house.

You can raise the value of your house with a home remodel

By choosing home remodeling you can raise the value of your property without investing a fortune. For example, if one of your wishes is to create some more usable area in your house, but you do not want to tear down a part of your property and rebuild, you can think about finishing your incomplete basement to add an extra floor to your house and turn your dark storage into a fully habitable and comfortable basement. This method of finishing your unfinished basement can increase the value of your house by approximately $50,000.

With building a new house, you may have to deal with the HOA and zoning restrictions in your locality that may not allow you to build a larger house. So, if you really need to increase the square footage of your property, you need to check the regulations before starting the procedure.

The difference in cost between home building and remodeling

If you are trying to decide between tearing down a part of your house and rebuilding versus remodeling your house’s interior, you should know that an average home building may cost twenty percent more than home remodeling.

If you are not afraid of the cost, building a new home offers you various options for the structure of your house, like ceiling height, layout, and even square footage. In contrast, with home remodeling, you can perform a lot of space planning, including adding or combining rooms, opening up walls remodeling an unfinished basement, or even building a new bathroom or kitchen. 

However, you cannot increase your existing square footage unless you combine a home remodel with your home addition plan. The current beam heights of your property may also limit your scopes for opening up your house vertically or changing the height of your ceiling.

However, while building a house, you need to consider some pre-build costs that may not require a home remodel. Those costs include the cost of demolition of a part of your house or pulling a few permits that you may need to start your home building project. On the other hand, with a home remodel, you can be more flexible and even save a lot of your money.

In addition to this, a new building includes framing, foundation, and other initial building needs, which may not be required in the case of home remodeling; thus, you can save a lot of your money if you choose a home remodel. Therefore, if you need to choose between building a new house and home remodeling, you should go for the second option. However, if you need an expert suggestion, you can consult GC Pro Remodeling, one of the best home remodeling Las Vegas NV.

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