The Best Kept Marketing Secrets of 2022
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The Best Kept Marketing Secrets of 2022

When the world was forced to stay indoors and transition their whole lives and livelihood online, the number of influencers, businesses, and vloggers doubled- if not tripled. In 2020 alone, eCommerce accounted for 21.3% of total US retail sales. More people are buying online and even more, companies are marketing online. That means your ad budget 5 years ago may not reach the same number of people, given the competition. 

Everyone is marketing something- themselves, a service, or a product- everywhere you look or surf. So how do you penetrate the online market without going over your cost per acquisition? Read on as we give you a look into one of the best-kept marketing secrets of 2022. 

SEO is not dead

Search Engine Optimization is a classic marketing strategy often overlooked. This makes it one of the most underrated yet effective marketing secrets to date. 

In the current reign of social media marketing, most business owners and marketers put high regard in immediate results, ad hoc efforts, and real-time performance monitoring. While there is value in that. There is also the cut-throat competition that can quickly burn a hole through your wallet because you’re fighting over the same ad spaces.

SEO, on the other hand, targets organic consumer behavior. According to Google, they’re clocking in 99,000 searches every second which is 8.5 billion every day. 

The digital age has empowered consumers to become smart buyers. They like doing their own research, having their options, and knowing they’re getting the best and not just the most advertised product or service. 

Localized Campaigns Build Community

The allure of launching into the international market can be strong at times that we forget to start locally. Well, who doesn’t want to be an internationally-known business?
The secret is in knowing your audience- locally. That means, customizing campaigns based on region. Think Mcdonald’s and how they have different menus everywhere in the world. Before you cater to the whole world, cater to local communities. This lets people know that they’re valued. That you’ve actually taken the extra time and effort to get to know them and know what would work for them.

Social Selling is the Future

There’s a reason social media continues to evolve. With a whopping 4.62 billion users across different platforms and a continuous 10.1% growth year over year, being on social media means putting your brand at the forefront of all these users. So, it only makes sense that Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter have their own eCommerce feature.

Being on social networking platforms allows you to build trust, provide accessible customer service, and stay relevant. With the rising number of users online, more brands are forced to be present and active in these spaces. Buyer power has now shifted over to the millennials whose priorities differ from the boomers. Customer retention and community building is the name of the game now. Your brand should not only produce high-quality products, but it should also resonate with your audience- whether through your brand’s advocacy, voice, or vision.

The days when social media was just a place to share throwback photos are long gone. The digital arena has created an equal playing ground by providing tools that can help all businesses leverage their content through insights and performance marketing- ad social media provides access to that for free!

Your marketing efforts shouldn’t be pricey. As long as you know who you are as a brand, you’ll be able to attract the right consumers. Remember that not all marketing trends work for all businesses. These marketing secrets are for you to seriously consider when you’re looking to experiment with effective strategies and not just to follow the hype. Make sure to understand your market and their behavior to be able to map out an efficient customer success journey!

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