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Role of Technology For Students to Improve Their Learning

After the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of technology in the student learning process has become more prominent. 

“Technology is best when it brings people together” captures the essence of the debate of whether technology aids or afflicts the learning path of students. It depends on the students and instructors whether the role of technology for students will be used to improve their learning.

While there is a lot to gain from the use of technology, students should also focus on offline interactions with peers and teachers.

The technology used in learning practices today

Technology is vastly used in today’s learning environment. These days, the students use digital resources and media for both – gathering information and in their social lives. While it can become a distraction from the classroom learning processes, the use of digital resources has become an indispensable tool in the classroom. Students can take guidance from services providing online Assignment Help Sydney and efficiently use digital resources in writing assignments.

  • Distance learning: The use of digital media has enabled students to continue learning from their homes. During the pandemic, entire classrooms were shifted to the online platform. Using the digital platform has enabled students to refer to past lectures without having 
  • Digital devices in classrooms: Interactive smartboards, smart tables, computers, and other devices are used in the classroom to enhance the learning process.
  • Programming skills: Recently, we have seen an increase in open source software which has led to improved access to many programming languages. Subsequently, the students can access such online resources and learn advanced programming languages helping them with the classroom projects.

Student learning has enhanced with the use of technology

Students can now take virtual tours in the classroom

Students can visit museums and other educational sites around the world with the help of online resources. Providing access to places and study material from around the world is one of the main benefits of the usage of technology in classrooms.

Increased student discussions

Several online discussion platforms have developed recently such as Google classrooms, Microsoft Teams, and Discord. While they are majorly used in organizations for professional communication or by gaming communities, students also use such platforms to discuss and interact online. Through such online platforms, several activities have been made easier such as referring to the study material, sharing study notes, and studying together while watching videos or other resources.

Personalised learning for all students

Students can avail of Sydney assignment help services and receive assignments before deadlines tailored to the student’s learning techniques and pace. Generally, students are provided with personal digital equipment and interfaces. Different profiles allow the students to save their work to their personal accounts and continue respectively. Students can learn individually depending on their suitable techniques and follow their individual paces during the process. Online learning allows more variety of learning methods for students as opposed to traditional learning methods.

Access to more information

Due to the use and maintenance of online databases, students can access information also from their homes. While moving around, they only need to carry a computer or tablet in order to access the online databases, and thus, can continue learning from anywhere. Since the increase of technology, several countries (like Australia and Canada) have adopted open digital educational resources. Open educational resources are available online for free and can be used as a substitute for traditional textbooks or as additional resources.

Enhancing computer and digital skills

Using digital media and online platforms ensures that students are adept at using computers and digital media for their gain. This is an important skill they can continue to develop, which will be useful in their future professions and personal lives.

Student learning has encountered barriers due to increased usage of technology in classrooms

While students are accustomed to using online platforms, online learning comes with its own set of challenges. An increase in the learning resources available, online discussion platforms, and other advantages can create significant barriers to the overall learning for students.

Management of technology for learning depends heavily on self-discipline

While it inculcates self-discipline through personal learning, due to the freedom provided for each student, it can become challenging to continuously perform well without communication with other learners and taking support from connecting offline. Students struggling to manage time can receive assignment help in Sydney and improve their self-discipline and time management.

A variety of learning resources can confuse a learner

Although students receive access to more information and study material through online learning platforms, practicing self-discipline while learning a topic can be challenging. Due to the presence of multiple resources, choosing appropriately is important to meet the learning outcomes without being deviated.

Unequal distribution of prerequisites

Students and schools are faced with a disparity in the learning methods. The use of technology in education has shifted the learning resources from notebooks to laptops. The equipment and prerequisites required for online learning can be expensive for certain students or schools. This transforms into inequality and can affect the progress of students.

Importance of instructors over the use of technology

While online learning enables students to access to multiple resources and provides an interactive learning environment, there is a significant lack of learning from face-to-face interactions with instructors. 

The development of social skills is important for a student, and a traditional learning environment provides a space to interact with peers and mentors. The online teaching platforms and the role of technology are limited to function as a tool for learning and cannot be substituted for a skilled instructor.

Improve learning outcomes with the help of technology

Although the presence of digital resources in the classroom may affect the flow of learning, students can use the available technology to improve their learning.

  • Creating projects and assignments on computer software can help students capture doubts on time, make comments during personal study times, and therefore, use the resources for improved communication.
  • Creating models in Microsoft Excel and presenting data in a concise manner
  • Develop the balance between offline and online learning to match their own learning pace.

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