­Which Reseller Hosting is the Best in 2022-23?

­Which Reseller Hosting is the Best in 2022-23?

  • The Top Reseller Hosting Companies and Programs

    • Best for Existing Agencies is Hosting.co.in

    • The Best Option for Beginning a Web Hosting Business is 2GBHosting.

    • Best for Developers Who Emphasise Eco-Friendly Hosting is GreenGeeks

    • Best for Affordable Reseller Plans is HostGator

    • Best Hands-free Server Maintenance and Upkeep is Liquid Web.

Find the ideal choice for you by reading on to discover more about each of the top reseller hosting companies on my list.

You’ll be shocked at how affordable it is to get started, I believe. You can make more money the more you sell. Every business requires hosting for their website, so start offering this helpful service right away.

Best for Existing Agencies is Hosting.co.in


    • Web space of 10 GB



A significant player in the web hosting sector is Hosting.co.in. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that they provide top-notch Reseller Hosting Plans.

In the past, Hosting.co.in offered “reseller credits,” each of which was good for one year of website hosting.

There are now three reseller options available, each with differing amounts of web space and support.

Every package includes infinite websites, a centralised dashboard, free WP installation, auto-updates, daily and on-demand backups, complimentary SSLs, CDNs, and email, simple staging, and unlimited databases.

Starting off on the GrowBig plan will cost you $3.77 a month. The GoGeek account costs $10.69 a month and offers white-label clients and priority support. A cloud reselling package with customised client access and the option to customise site resources starts at $100 per month.

It’s vital to remember that these excellent rates are only available during the promotional period and that they will increase after the first contract period has ended.

Despite the fact that Hosting.co.in provides outstanding free daily and on-demand backup services, they lack key crucial reseller features, like automated billing or domain name resale features, and their platform is not really built to expand. However, due to the fact that billing and clients are already integrated, Hosting.co.in is perfect for existing businesses looking to extend their products.

It’s simple to manage everything from a single dashboard for all your sites, and Hosting.co.in can expand with your company as it grows.

Hosting.co.in is a top option for resellers just based on the prices. The pricing structure of Hosting.co.in makes it easy for small agencies with a limited number of websites to maintain that want to expand to provide resale as a service.

Best for Launching a Web Hosting Company is 2GBHosting

    • BEGINS AT  $3.77/MONTH




The reseller plans offered by the well-known web host 2GBHosting are ideal for those wishing to launch their own hosting firm.

You receive a comprehensive bundle that includes all the resources and tools you require to begin reselling. Even their entry-level plan includes WHM, WHMCS, and 5 cPanel accounts. As a result, as soon as you log in, you may offer hosting and charge customers.

Some reseller hosting plans charge extra for the necessities, but 2GBHosting does not. Your hosting can be customized any way you desire. White labeling your service is a premium function offered by some hosts.

Additionally, you receive help around the clock and at extremely affordable prices.

The features that each reseller plan offers are listed below:

The “VPS” packages are virtual private servers, whereas the “R” packages are shared hosting plans.

With each package, features like disc space, monthly bandwidth, and dedicated IPs grow.

Any one of the R designs is a good choice for beginners, in my opinion. If you’re just starting out in hosting, there is less setup and administrative responsibilities, which is a positive thing.

The VPS package will function exceptionally well if you are a seasoned hoster. With root access, you may set anything as you see fit at a great price on hosting resources.

Free SSD drives, free cPanel and WHM, free billing software, free DDoS and virus protection, and server management facilities are all provided by 2GBHosting for some packages.

Additionally, they offer a nearly unheard-of 7-day money-back guarantee in the web hosting industry.

I strongly advise checking out 2GBHosting if you are considering becoming a reseller. They provide the starting-out-right price, assistance, and comprehensive toolkit that you’ll value.

Best for Developers Who Emphasise Eco-friendly Hosting is GreenGeeks

    • MONTHLY $34.95 AS USUAL




    • GreenGeeks provides services for eco-friendly web hosting.

By using renewable energy, they are able to power their hosting service, which is really cool. In fact, through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, they invest three times as much in renewable energy for every amp of energy they consume.

They also have a focus on reseller hosting. GreekGeeks actually provides three distinct reseller plans:

Ten clients might be ordered to purchase one of their packages. The cost-effectiveness per account increases with the number of clients you have.

You can buy extra accounts in bundles of 5 if you fall somewhere in the middle of these tiers or have more than 50 clients.

Each GreenGeeks reseller package offers fantastic advantages like:

    • Free  SSL certificates

    • Free cPanel transfers

    • WHMCS permits

    • White-label products

    • GreenGeeks oversaw the support.

    • Integration of a free CDN

    • evening backups

As their name suggests, GreenGeeks powers their hosting services with renewable energy. Each of their servers aims to be carbon neutral. In other words, they strive to offset any carbon they release into the atmosphere through a variety of green efforts.

For those of you who care about the environment and want to promote green web hosting to your clients, it’s a terrific option. Each hosting bundle they offer will also result in the planting of one tree.

The developers who will use this reseller service are in mind. You’ll receive access to the most recent developer tools, like WP-CLI, Git, Drush, and many others, along with access to numerous PHP versions, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, support for Perl and Python.

GreekGeeks offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its reseller plans. It’s undoubtedly convenient to have that assurance as a backup.

Best for Affordable Reseller Plans is HostGator

    • AS LOW AS $19.95 PER MONTH




The leader in the web hosting sector is HostGator. Additionally, they provide you with excellent reseller possibilities.

They provide three various reseller plans:

As you can see, there is a $5 difference between the price points for all three. Keep in mind that this is a promotional rate. But for the first 36 months, you may lock in this introductory rate.

All reseller plans include wonderful advantages like:

    • countless domains

    • No cost SSL certificate

    • Private name servers

    • email addresses

    • FTP logins

    • database accounts

Naturally, the package you select will depend on your needs. Keep an eye on each package’s bandwidth and storage.

Fortunately, HostGator makes scaling simple for you. If you choose the Aluminium or Copper plan at first, you can upgrade at any time for no additional cost.

You may manage your clients easily with the help of the free WHMCS billing software included with all reseller plans.

Additionally, you will receive the WHM control panel, which allows you to monitor the condition of your server and establish client-specific limits on things like disc space and bandwidth.

HostGator offers up to 80% off transfers and registrations if you’re already a reseller and want to switch service providers.

HostGator promises an uptime rate of 99.9%. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about your customers being dissatisfied with the functionality of their website.

Because of their help, I additionally suggest HostGator for reseller hosting.

They provide live chat and phone support around-the-clock. Additionally standard are automatic weekly backups and round-the-clock server monitoring. A 45-day money-back guarantee is also included, giving you more than enough time to decide whether or not you like your plan.

The Best Server Management and Upkeep Tool is Liquid Web.




    • Options for VPS, cloud, or dedicated hosting

With good cause, Liquid Web has been highlighted on our lists of the top dedicated hosting plans and best VPS hosting plans. At a fair price, they provide excellent hosting services with lots of RAM and storage.

They also provide reseller hosting alternatives. They provide dedicated and VPS servers for sales. These include quick provisioning and a free WHMCS plugin.

You can sell cloud VPS or cloud dedicated hosting with LiquidWeb’s WHMCS plugin.

Liquid Web offers a number of attractive options for dedicated servers, each of which includes a cost-free WHMCS licence. But keep in mind that it’s only accessible to those who already use Liquid Web’s hosting services.

Here are a few more noteworthy characteristics to highlight:

Service Level Agreement with 100% Uptime. This guarantees that Liquid Web will pay you for any downtime if your website is ever unavailable owing to one of their servers.

SysAdmin is not necessary. You won’t need to employ someone to take care of any server maintenance or upkeep; Liquid Web will take care of it for you.

Free DDoS defence. Their network has multiple layers of DDoS attack prevention measures, making it extremely secure.

You must apply for their reseller programme in order to get started.

It’s as simple as filling out a form with your contact information, the products you’re interested in, and details about your company.

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