Things You Must Ensure for Findings and Analysis in Dissertation

Things You Must Ensure for Findings and Analysis in Dissertation

Findings and analysis is the most important chapter of your dissertation. It contains more than forty percent of your marks. Your dissertation will have no worth if it does not contain effective results and findings. However, many students take this chapter very easily and fail to add necessary things. This impacts their whole dissertation project. This article will give you information about the things you must ensure for findings and analysis in the dissertation.

Keep In Mind The Aim Of The Dissertation: 

In the chapter on findings and analysis, you will give the answer to your main research. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the purpose of your dissertation while writing the findings. For this, make a proper structure of your findings so that they can answer the main research question in the best way. The fate of your dissertation depends on the interpretation of your findings. If you want to make themes in your analysis, make them in a way that fulfils your study’s purpose. You can also structure your findings according to your research questions to clearly show your reader that you have addressed your main issue. Thus, making a proper structure can make things easy for readers to analyse your work. 

Manifest Good Critical Thinking

Another thing you need to make sure in findings and analysis of the dissertation is to show good critical thinking. The element of critical thinking is highly crucial for your findings. If you provide simple information from the internet without manifesting critical thinking in a dissertation, it will impact your grades and the quality of the overall dissertation. 

Students often misunderstand the concept of critical thinking. There is also much general confusion about critical thinking and simple description. Critical thinking asks you to give your view on a topic. In the dissertation, you must give your views and justify them using other people’s ideas. Doing this can surely guarantee you good scores in your dissertation. However, still there is an option to hire dissertation writing services UK if you are unable to give your own views.

Making Sub-Sections:

As we have discussed above, the structure of your findings and analysis is very important in a dissertation. For this, making sub-sections of your dissertation can greatly help you. It is totally up to you how you want to organize your research; it could be beneficial to structure your findings chapter properly. You can make many sub-headings to make your analysis better and deeper. Making more sub-headings will make sure that you have covered more aspects of your research in analysis. You need to give specific and quality information in each sub-heading. You should also give proper numbering to your sub-headings. For instance, for chapter 4 and section 2, the sub-headings will be numbered as 4.2.1, 4.2.2, 4.2.3, and so on. Organising your headings in this way will make things easy for readers to understand your analysis chapter. 

Link Your Findings’ Chapter With The Previous Chapters: 

The next thing you need to ensure in your findings and analysis chapter is that it must need to be linked with the previous chapters. Your chapter needs to have content that shows how it is connected with the previous chapters. You will discuss all the things written in the introduction. You need to cover all the aims and research questions. Moreover, a literature review should have a connection with your analysis. It is important to note that you cannot repeat the things you have written in literature. The only thing you need to do is make a connection. Make sure that your analysis is also according to your methodology chapter. 

Results Of Quantitative Research: 

You will use the outcomes of statistical analysis in quantitative research. In the findings and analysis chapter, you must represent descriptive statistics to explain several things such as variability, proportions and means of your data. The best way to show quantitative results is to frame your results around your hypothesis and research questions. For each research question in your dissertation, show: 

  • The type of statistical analysis you use is simple linear regression or t-test. You should not give a detailed description of the analysis you are using, as it should go to your methodology chapter. 
  • An overview of all the results, including the related descriptive statistics, such as standard deviations, means and inferential statistics
  • A brief summary showing how the outcomes are related to the main research question or your hypothesis

How you will report and present your statistics in qualitative research depends on the analysis you are using. It also depends on the formatting style you are following. For instance, you must follow some rules in the results chapter while using the APA (American Psychological Association) style. You need to ensure that you include relevant results in your analysis. You should include both positive and negative outcomes. Besides, you need to include all the aspects even if your results do not fit right with your assumptions and expectations. This explains that you should not just present raw data in the findings chapter. You must need to analyse and discuss your data by getting suitable dissertation help online

Results Of The Qualitative Research:

In qualitative research, you may need to show results directly hitting your main hypothesis. You can make several themes to structure your findings and analysis chapter in that case. You make an observation for each theme or topic. For instance, you may show some points of agreement or disagreement, individual responses, patterns, and trends that are particularly important to the main research question of your dissertation. You need to support and clarify the points with direct quotations. You should report the related information about your participants. You can include further information in the appendix section, such as the transcription of interviews. 


The above things are important to include in the findings and analysis of a dissertation. It will ensure you good marks in your dissertation for which, you need to ensure that you have manifested effective critical analysis. You also need to structure the findings chapter properly so that it can properly answer the main research question.

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